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Swain Behavioral Consultation & Achievements LLC.

BCBA: Mentorship | Training | Consultation​ 

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About Me

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Dr. Stephanie Swain is dedicated to providing the highest quality of training and consultation in ABA concepts and techniques. Dr. Swain is Board Certified and obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Swain also has a Master's in Child and Adolescent Psychology. Demonstrating a passion for children yet focusing on diverse populations including adolescents and young adults, Dr. Swain combines her expanded knowledge with experience.  The over 8 years of experience within the schools, clinic, and home base, servicing both typically developing children, children with Autism, and other developmental disabilities, provide a well-rounded insight into her approaches. In addition, Dr. Swain has 5 years of experience servicing adults and adolescents with traumatic brain injuries. Along with serving as part-time faculty at Purdue University Global teaching graduate-level ABA coursework, Dr. Swain continues to provide training and mentorship for BCBA candidates, along with organizational and family consultation services for children, adolescents, and young adults demonstrating the need for behavior intervention.

Refining skills & building knowledge


BCBA Mentorship

We provide up to 1 year of mentoring to first-year BCBAs who are dedicated to refining their new skill sets in implementing ABA techniques and developing behavior-analytic programming 


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Student Training

Following BACB guidelines we provide supervision of clinical hours and training for BCBA candidates. Our training curriculum follows BCBA Task List (5th ed.) 


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BCBA Consultation: Organization

We provide ABA services and consultation for organizations. We collaborate to ensure behavioral principles compliment your organizations philosophy.
Services include but are not limited to:

  • Program Development

  • Intervention 

  • Behavior Intervention Planning

  • Parent Education

  • Staff Training 

  • Skills and Behavioral Assessments


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BCBA Consultation: Parent/Caregiver

We provide hands-on training for parents and caregivers in the implementation of ABA techniques and best practices.

We work with the parent/caregiver to build a customized program and intervention to encourage positive behavioral change. 


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BCBA Consultation: 
Adolescent & Adult

We provide behavioral consultation and therapy utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis .

We work with the adolescent or adult to build a customized behavior intervention program to encourage positive behavioral change, while providing them with techniques and strategies to help maintain positive change overtime.


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